100 years ago today…

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the marriage of my maternal grandparents Joseph Freeman Jamieson and Alice Doris L’Oiseau. Joseph and Alice were married on October 2, 1922 in Kingston, Ontario Canada. Very little is known about their marriage and no photos exist. The above photo was taken at the wedding of their daughter ShirleyContinue reading “100 years ago today…”

Week 15 – How Do You Spell That?

The prompt at 52 Ancestors this week is … How Do You Spell That? Upon reading the prompt, I immediately thought about my maternal third great-grandmother Marie and the confusion around the spelling of her surname. Marie Maillot Marie Maillot, Myott, Mailhot, Myatt or Maiotte, has so far proven to be one of the mostContinue reading “Week 15 – How Do You Spell That?”

Week 11 – Flowers

The prompt at 52 Ancestors this week is Flowers. While searching through old newspapers from Kingston at newspapers.com, I came across this piece which describes the gardening abilities of my 2nd great-grandfather Joseph Jamieson. The piece appeared on page 6 of the Kingston Whig Standard on Saturday July 31, 1897. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/97485077/ Joseph owned a duplexContinue reading “Week 11 – Flowers”

Week 9 -Females

The theme of 52 Ancestors this week is females, so today I share a bit about my maternal grandmother Alice L’Oiseau Jamieson. Just Alice When I started researching my maternal grandmother, one of the first things that fascinated me, was her name. As I learned more about her family, I discovered that her siblings andContinue reading “Week 9 -Females”

Week 4 – Curiosity

Curiosity is defined as having a strong desire to know or learn something. Today my curiosity leads me to wonder – Who was Margaret Robinson? Margaret Robinson The only information about Margaret Robinson prior to her death comes from the details held in the Canadian Census documents. The first mention of Margaret Robinson was onContinue reading “Week 4 – Curiosity”

Week 2 – Favourite Find

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Favourite Find. Over the years I have made several interesting discoveries, but this clipping that I found recently, is one of my favourites. As a Canadian Australian living in Australia, researching my Canadian ancestors can sometimes be a challenge, especially the Anglo lines. Recently my hometown newspaperContinue reading “Week 2 – Favourite Find”