Branches of my tree

Week 21 – Yearbook

The prompt at 52 Ancestors this week is Yearbook, so I decided to try to find information about my mother’s high school years. According to my mother, she attended high school at Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute (KCVI). For most of my life I was told that she had to leave high school in yearContinue reading “Week 21 – Yearbook”

Week 20 – Textile

The decline of the woollen mills in Bradford- Upon- Avon was likely a contributing factor in my husband’s fourth great grandfather, George Orchard, deciding to leave the UK and move his family to Australia in search of a better life. George Orchard and Caroline Mallett George Orchard was born in Bradford-Upon-Avon, (Bradford) Wiltshire England inContinue reading “Week 20 – Textile”

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