Week 8 – Courting

When I first read the prompt for week 8 I was at a bit of a loss as to what I would write about, then I remembered the story mum had told me about meeting and dating my dad.

Mum and dad met in the autumn of 1939 when mum was 16 years old. Dad was a little older, just about to turn 20. They met at the Kingston fair and I guess she must have made an impression on him. A few days later they met again, this time she was walking home to Stanley Street after picking apples in Barriefield. Dad was driving truck at the time, hauling stone to Fort Henry and he stopped and offered her a ride home. She accepted as she thought he was a kind man. They started dating and by December that year they had become engaged. Mum turned 17 in January and they married that June.

In 1996, just after my daughter was born I decided to interview my mother about her life and growing up. As I was living in Australia and she was in Canada, I decided to write out some questions for her to answer and then have her send the papers back to me. Here are the replies in her own words to the questions I asked about meeting dad.

How did you and dad meet?

“I met Dad at the Kingston Fair. He was trucking then, and as I left my job picking apples in Barriefield, Dad stopped his truck to give me a ride home and we started dating then, that was September and we got engaged at Xmas. We were married the following June. I was 17 and Dad was 20.”

What attracted you to dad?

“I guess it was just his kindness and his respect for me, plus we were not alike in a lot of ways. So I guess opposites do attract.”

Tell me about your wedding day.

“My mother gave us our reception at home. We first went to the manse with our best man and bridesmaid and were married there. Our closest relatives and immediate families were all that were there.”

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