100 years ago today…

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the marriage of my maternal grandparents Joseph Freeman Jamieson and Alice Doris L’Oiseau.

Joseph and Alice were married on October 2, 1922 in Kingston, Ontario Canada. Very little is known about their marriage and no photos exist. The above photo was taken at the wedding of their daughter Shirley in 1953. I have previously shared this photo here on my blog, but it is the only photo that I have of them together.

There is very little additional information on their marriage certificate, but I do know that her younger sister Mary Ann L’Oiseau (Rawley) and her husband Sanford Rawley were in attendance as they are recorded as witnesses.

Joseph and Alice were married for 33 years and raised eight children together. Joseph died on August 5, 1955. Alice died on December 6, 1966. Both are buried at Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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