52 Ancestors – Identity

The prompt this month for 52 Ancestors is Identity. Solving the Mystery of Cyril Clyde Orchard When my mother-in-law Leslie died in 2013, I inherited a very large box of her family history research. She had spent many of her retirement hours researching my husband’s paternal lines, but her father-in-law, my husband’s paternal grandfather, CyrilContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Identity”

Week 20 – Textile

The decline of the woollen mills in Bradford- Upon- Avon was likely a contributing factor in my husband’s fourth great grandfather, George Orchard, deciding to leave the UK and move his family to Australia in search of a better life. George Orchard and Caroline Mallett George Orchard was born in Bradford-Upon-Avon, (Bradford) Wiltshire England inContinue reading “Week 20 – Textile”

Week 15 – How Do You Spell That?

The prompt at 52 Ancestors this week is … How Do You Spell That? Upon reading the prompt, I immediately thought about my maternal third great-grandmother Marie and the confusion around the spelling of her surname. Marie Maillot Marie Maillot, Myott, Mailhot, Myatt or Maiotte, has so far proven to be one of the mostContinue reading “Week 15 – How Do You Spell That?”